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Compare plans - MCI Residential Phone Services
Direct Dialed calls; Card calls using your MCI Calling Card from any phone in the U.S.; Card calls using your MCI Calling Card to anywhere in the U.S. from .

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MCI - Customer Service
Calling Card Instructions . The most convenient way to manage your MCI account is to handle it yourself . With MCI, managing your account online is fast and easy. . Get everything a small business needs to set up shop, stay connected to .

Economical Ways to Call Home from Overseas
Several months ago I asked for suggestions about economical ways to call home . I took Bill Conerly's suggestion to buy the MCI prepaid phone card from Costco. . Cheapest way to phone home is to purchase prepaid phone cards locally.

The Best Quality Phone Cards |
Most of the major telephone providers offer calling cards. They're refillable, simple to use and are often cheaper for international calling than a traditional phone plan. . The MinutePass calling card from MCI works for both domestic and . The regular card service allows you to purchase a prepaid calling card in a store.

Military Calling Cards -
Cheap Prepaid Military Phone Cards international We Salute our Armed Forces! Beat AT&T, Sprint, MCI, and IDT Stay in touch while TDY or Deployed Call USA .

Consumer Information on Prepaid Phone Cards - CallSense
For example, you could purchase a prepaid phone card with a $20 value (a prepaid . For example, several of MCI's non-rechargeable prepaid phone cards allow . Typically you can add credit at a cheaper rate than the card's initial value .

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Risks to Consumers

MCI Access Numbers - MCI International Country ... - Phone Call Mall
MCI Access Numbers and MCI Verizon World Traveler phone cards help world . Buy $10.00 or $25.00 MCI Verizon "World Traveler" prepaid calling cards.

Prepaid Phone Cards
Save on Long Distance with MCI. Call Mexico . MCI® Prepaid Long Distance Calling Cards from Circle K offer very competitive rates including discount calling programs to Mexico. With our . Buy "Pay as You Go" Wireless Phones at Circle K .

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MCI Calling Cards is your one-stop source for all types of MCI calling cards. Purchasing through allows you to buy directly from the .

Verizon (MCI) Phone Cards - Prepaid Verizon (MCI) Calling Cards
Prepaid Verizon (MCI) phone cards offers ultra-low international rates for calling from the US to the world . How to Buy a Discount Phone Card, easy as 1, 2, 3 .

Ethiopian Phone Cards and Prepaid Calling Cards
Buy it ! Purchase phone cards via a secure server! Use it ! Receive your pin . Order cheap long distance phone cards and save money on all of your calls to and . of money over companies like AT&T or MCI with a international phone card.

MCI Phone Card
An MCI phone card comes complete with access to MCI's global network, with recognition in over 140 different nations. This allows the frequent traveler to get .

Keeping in Touch While Abroad - Backpack Europe on Budget
3 days ago . Even using an AT&T, MCI, or Sprint calling card can be quite pricey (over a $1 per minute plus many hidden fees), so I searched the net for .

MCI International Plans: Live Outside the U.S.? You'll love the MCI ...
The security and freedom of an MCI Calling Card can be yours. With an MCI Calling . How to get the latest Worldwide toll-free Access Numbers and Information.

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Alternatives to buy cheap mci calling card

EXAMPLES OF SERVICES: Wal-Mart Calling Card, ATT Prepaid, MCI Prepaid, . of an emergency and are usually much cheaper than a collect call of any kind. . Virtual phone card: When you buy a standard prepaid calling card, all you are .

  • Best Kuwait to U.S. Phone Calling Cards
    Call your loved one back in the U.S. with these cheap international phone . Use the Rate Finder to enter "Kuwait to USA" to get to the MCI World Traveler page.

  • Prepaid Calling Cards - International Calling Cards - Best Calling ...
    We offer information and reviews on the best calling cards, both prepaid and international. . Calling Card Reviews and Buying Guide: . The MCI calling card gives you discounts calling card minutes through their long distance network.

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  • MCI World Traveler Phone Card Review
    Jun 18, 2011 . The MCI World Traveler international prepaid phone card is used by . To be honest I'm a little happy about this because I get to write something else for a change. . Cloncom Mother's Day Phone Card Discount Codes .

  • Cheap Prepaid International Phone Cards is on-line store with best prepaid phone cards to Russia, Ukraine, . Go through two easy steps: chose your card and buy . cards | overseas calling cards | mci calling cards | pakistan calling cards | middle east calling .

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State Actions against buy cheap mci calling card Lenders

Have You Used Mci International Calling Cards?
If you are looking for an international calling card, take a good look at what MCI has to . you can count on MCI to get those international telephone calls through. . with travel advice, travel information, cheap travel and online travel deals.

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Calling from Alaska Phone Cards - Calls from Alaska ... - SpeedyPin
Buy an Alaska calling card online to receive your PIN instantly and our 100% . card with a rate of 5.9¢/min and the superior calling quality that is Verizon (MCI).

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Travel Calling Cards
. discount rates. Compare reliable international calling cards and U.S. prepaid calling cards by land line or cellular rates. . MCI Verizon World Traveler Calling Card. Available: . How to Buy a Discount Phone Card, easy as 1, 2, 3. Click on a .