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Occupational Health Guideline for
The current OSHA standard for paraquat is 0.5 milli- gram of paraquat per cubic meter . Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists has recommended for . to paraquat, a pro?le of liver function should be obtained by using a medically .

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Paraquat Eradication: Legal Means for a Prudent Policy?
. production and use of marijuana.1 The government believes that a significant portion of . paraquat program.l23 The Mexican government's use of paraquat .

Company insists paraquat is safe
Jul 16, 2012 . Paraquat is widely used on Australian farms to control grasses and . effects of the herbicide and wants the Federal Government to investigate.

Paraquat Used in Suicide in Alarming Numbers - Yahoo! Voices ...
Feb 11, 2010 . Paraquat, which is chemical pesticide, has been used in alarming rates to . " PAN of Germany", a non governmental agency from Germany is a .

Stop the Poisonings! Stop Paraquat! - PAN.ap
Background. Paraquat is among the most widely used pesticide for weed control. . Worldwide Appeal to the Malaysian Government to Maintain Paraquat Ban .

Stop the Poisonings! Stop Paraquat! - PAN.ap
3-10: No Pesticides Use Week . In order to accelerate the phase-out of paraquat , several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from Asia (including PAN .

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Risks to Consumers

Paraquat Fact Sheet - Paraquat Information Center
Paraquat is a herbicide (chemical weed killer) used to control a very broad range of . for its use, based on expert scrutiny of mandatory information, government .

U.S. to Resume Using Paraquat on Marijuana - New York Times
Jul 14, 1988 . The director of the Drug Enforcement Administration said today that the Government would use the herbicide paraquat and two others in a .

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UK Government bans use of toxic herbicide paraquat
Jul 23, 2007 . UK Government bans use of toxic herbicide paraquat. The Pesticide Action Network UK (PAN UK) has today welcomed the decision by the UK .

Banning Paraquat Raises Dispute in China | PRLog
Oct 20, 2011 . If government carries out the policy, the worst condition of paraquat in the near future is that the use on several fruit or crops may be forced to be .

Goodbye Paraquat
explained: “[Paraquat] is permitted by the. Malaysian government. However it is not used as a general herbicide but for specific purposes only. The use is limited .

Paraquat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The European Union approved the use of paraquat in 2004. . a controversial program sponsored by the US government sprayed paraquat on cannabis fields in .

Paraquat and Diquat
government agencies and industries for control of weeds. While paraquat is a restricted-use pesticide in most forms for most uses in the United States, its .

Govt. Tests for Toxic Paraquat on US Marijuana Supply According to ...
Jan 15, 2009 . Pharmaceutical Drugs Based on Cannabis · US Government Reports on Medical Marijuana · Drug Tests - Methods of Detecting Cannabis Use .

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Alternatives to governmental use of paraquat

The campaign “Stop Paraquat”, conducted by non-governmental ...
Mar 6, 2012 . The critics' main target is the agri-concern and leading distributor of paraquat, Syngenta. The company markets the herbicide in over 100 .

  • Paraquat toxicity and its mode of action in some commonly consumed
    Paraquat (PQ) is a toxic chemical that is widely used as herbicide in developing countries. This has led . sufficiency, government encourages farmers to use .

  • EU Court bans paraquat weedkiller - European Public Health Alliance
    The toxic weedkiller paraquat, produced by Swiss agrochemicals giant Syngenta, . Commission adopted Directive 2003/112 authorising the use of paraquat in the EU as an . of health: the urban dimension and the role of local government .

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  • Paraquat, poison in Filipino food and environment - Heal Toxics
    Unfortunately, while other countries banned the use of paraquat or gramoxone, the Philippine government has weakened its rules on pesticides and herbicides.

  • Q. Is it safe to smoke marijuana that has been sprayed with paraquat ...
    . the late 1960's the US government, perhaps in an attempt to deter people from using marijuana, warned that much of the crop had been sprayed with paraquat .

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State Actions against governmental use of paraquat Lenders

What Investment Opportunities in China's Paraquat Market
Aug 3, 2012 . In order to ensure safe production and use of paraquat in domestic market, Chinese government has issued a notice to take restrictive .

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Paraquat Won't Die in China at
Regarding the governmental decision to restrict paraquat in China, which has . the world including China will continue to use paraquat safely and effectively.

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Beyond Pesticides Daily News Blog » Paraquat
Report Shows Government-Industry Conflict in Pesticide Research . January 7, 2008) Sri Lanka started restricting the use of paraquat at the start of the new .