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1825 Capped Bust dime. The Draped Bust design was succeeded by the Capped Bust, designed by Mint Assistant Engraver John Reich. Both the obverse and .

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Dime - The United States Mint Coins and Medals Program
Obverse: The current design on the obverse of the dime first appeared in 1946, soon after . Reverse: Mr. Sinnock also designed the reverse of this coin: a torch .

Roosevelt Dime - W I K I C O I N S
Dec 18, 2011 . The Roosevelt dime replaced the Winged Liberty or “Mercury” dime in . Designed by one John R. Sinnock (who also designed the Franklin .

Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters
Facts about pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters are a great way for children to . This picture was designed from a portrait of the late President completed in .

Design On A Dime | So Haute
Apr 28, 2012 . And aside from having one of the most beautifully designed spaces at Design on a Dime, I think Tilton Fenwick's Suysel dePedro-Cunningham .

Dime Building
Electric elevators for tall buildings were first successfully installed in the 1890s, so they were still a new invention when Burnham designed this Dime Building.

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Communist Symbols on U.S. Coins by Ron Kurtus - Lessons ...
JS were the initials of John Sinnock, who designed the Roosevelt dime. The hammer and sickle was really a script rendition of the letters GR for Gilroy Roberts, .

U.S. Coin Melt Values Calculator - US Inflation Calculator
Mercury Dimes were designed by noted sculptor Adolph A. Weinman who used a Winged Liberty image on the obverse which has since come to be considered .

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Design on a Dime — Housing Works
Apr 26, 2012 . This year, Design on a Dime's founding chair, interior designer James Huniford, will be joined by an incredible group of co-chairs, including: .

What does FS on the dime mean
They're the initials of John R. Sinnock, who designed the Roosevelt dime. The initials FS are on a US coin. Felix Schlag designed the original Jefferson nickel.

Designer of the Dime —
The profile of Franklin Roosevelt found on the U.S. dime is believed to be based on a sculpture by Selma Burke. But the U.S. treasury credits the coin's design to .

Design on a Dime : Home & Garden Television - HGTV
Etsy Products Featured on HGTV's Design on a Dime. Find decorating . Designer Frank Fontana shares his tips for taking a room from drab to fab in no time flat.

Who really designed the Roosevelt Dime? Was it the U. S. Mint's Chief Engraver, John Ray Sinnock, whose initials appear on the coins first minted in 1946, .

Roosevelt Dime
Type, Silver Roosevelt Dime. Designer, John R. Sinnock. Years Minted, 1946- 1964. Weight, 2.50 grams. Composition, 90% silver, 10% copper (net weight: .

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Football Basics - Dime Defense
The dime defense is a basic defensive formation designed to stop the pass. This page explains which players are used, and illustrates their alignment on the .

  • ABOUT - DIME Amplification - Reinventing the Steel
    Utilizing the expertise of Champion, Dime's guitar tech of 13 years, and Sunda, legendary designer of Dime's original and favorite amp, we have developed an .

    Rare Mercury Dimes - US Coin Values Advisor
    The year 1916 saw sweeping changes in United States coinage, including a new dime. A.A. Weinman designed Liberty adorned in a winged cap, symbolizing .

  • Mercury dime - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The Mercury dime is a ten-cent coin struck by the United States Mint from 1916 to 1945. Designed by Adolph Weinman and sometimes referred to as the Winged .

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  • Timur and the Dime Museum - PROTOTYPE: Opera/Theatre/Now
    The dark glam opera band Timur and the Dime Museum presents a galactic . Interactive multimedia, conceptualized and designed by World Technology .

  • Mercury Dimes: I LOVE "Mercs"
    The designer of the Winged Liberty Dime was Adolph A. Weinman. The "W" for Weinman can be found on .

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Greensboro's Civil Rights Landmark Continues ... - Greensboro Sit-Ins
Blandwood, a 19th Century mansion designed by famed New York architect . " Legacy of the Five and Dime, The Woolworth Store in Greensboro, N.C., " by .

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The Dime Building : Curbed Detroit
Dec 29, 2011 . The Dime Building Image (left) via Detroit 1701. The Ford Building (right). This morning everyone's favorite Daniel Burnham-designed building, .

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Chrysler House - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Designed in the Neoclassical architectural style, the class-A office building is . between 1910 and 1912 and known for many years as the Dime Building.